HickoryTM Golf South Africa is simply the playing of golf as it was done hundreds of years ago and more!  There is a growing trend in the playing of “traditional golf” using hickory shafted clubs from past centuries;  and this trend is now on its way to South Africa 

Golf Notions are proud to introduce this very unique and highly appealing way of playing golf to the golfing public;  and anyone else interested in history and tradition!   We look forward to introducing the HickoryTM Golf Series through which we will identify players to compete in the World Hickory Open Championship in Scotland.

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We are very pleased to launch the Golf Notions Hygiene and Sanitisation business through a collaboration with Boardman Brothers and offering their extensive Newden product range.  These products are locally manufactured according to high quality standards in an ISO9001 accredited manufacturing facility in KZN.

The range of Newden Clean Hands Sanitiser products comprising sanitising gels and liquids in different sizes.  These products are laboratory tested and approved according to Laboratory Technical Service Report (No. 210/04-20) as well as the complementary broad offering of cost-effective, high quality Newden Cleaning and Hygiene products.

To see all of our products please go to our Product Range page.

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