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This locally manufactured Sani-Ped dispenser is ideal for Sanitisation Stations at restroom, caddy facilities, cart storage areas, on tees and various other on-course locations. The configuration is flexible with relevant features:

It is manufactured from recycled material which means no corrosion at the coast  and is less appealing to thieves as there is no scrap metal value.

It is hardy and sturdy for outdoor use but is not too heavy if it is to be removed from the course (Wt 14kgs)

The Sanitiser Bottle is easy to change and can be locked to minimise pilfering.

The feet can be bolted to a deck if not being removed from the course, or they can be removed if the unit is to be affixed to a wall.

NOTE: The use of a gel format in the dispenser on course is recommended to reduce wastage due to dissipation of liquid spray, especially in the wind.

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